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Delhi Civil Judge (Junior Division) Examination

Title Delhi Civil Judge (Junior Division) Examination

Delhi Judicial Service Examination is conducted in two successive stages:
(A) Preliminary Examination
(B) Main Examination

Preliminary Examination

Preliminary Examination being a screening test, consists of one paper of multiple choice type questions          carrying maximum of 200 marks with 25% negative marking to test general knowledge and aptitude of the candidate, power of expression, flare in English, knowledge of objective type legal problems and their solutions covering-

1.      Indian Penal Code
2.     Criminal Procedure Code
3.     Civil Procedure Code
4.     Indian Contract Act
5.     Indian Partnership Act
6.     Arbitration Law
7.     Constitution of India
8.     Indian Evidence Act
9.     Specific Relief Act
10.    Indian Limitation Act etc.

Main Examination

The main examination shall include the following subjects-

(1) Essay and General Knowledge (150 marks)

This paper is designed to test the candidate's knowledge of current affairs and power to express in English. Credit shall be given both for substance and expression. Conversely, deduction will be made for bad expression, fault of grammer and misuse of words etc.

(2) Language (100 marks)

There will be one paper in two parts. The first part would contain a passage to be translated from English to Hindi (in Devnagri script). In the second part a passage in Hindi (in Devnagri script) shall be required to be translated into English. Each part carries 50 marks.

(3) Civil Law- I (200 marks)

•    Indian Contract Act
•    Indian Sales of Goods Act
•    Indian Partnership Act
•    Specific Relief Act
•    Delhi Rent Control Act
•    Hindu Law
•    Mohammadan law
•    Law of Torts

(4) Civil law- II (200 marks)

•    Civil Procedure Code
•    Law of Evidence
•    Law of Limitation
•    Law of Registration

(5) Criminal Law (200 marks)
•    Indian Penal Code
•    Criminal Procedure Code
•    Indian Evidence Act

Viva-Voce (100 marks)

Marks obtained in the viva voce will be added to the marks obtained in the main examination (written) and the candidate's position will depend on the aggregate of both. Marks obtained in the preliminary examination will not be counted for determining final order of merit.

(1) Minimum qualifying marks shall be 60% for General candidate and 55% for SC/ ST candidates for being selected in the Main Examination.
(2) Only such candidates who have obtained 40% (SC/ ST 35%) marks in each written paper and 50% (SC/ ST 45%) marks in the aggregate will be called for Viva-Voce.
(3) The marks obtained in the Interview will be added to the marks obtained in the written papers and the candidate place will depend on the aggregate of both.
(4) The suitability of candidates for employment in DJS will be tested with reference to his merit giving due regard to his ability, character, personality and physique.